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BerHati-hati dengan SPAM

di poskan oleh shide Oct 2, 2008
Kisah benar,betul2 terjadi..kepada sesiapa yg ada menggunakan maybank2u pasni berhati-hati lah sebab aku dah terkena 'phishing'.Baru2 ni dpt email kat Spam inbox. Bunyi mcm ni:

Title: Online Account Suspension
From: Maybank Group"

Dear Maybank Customer,

We hereby inform you that we have finally put a stop to the increasing spam
attacks and security risk on our online banking servers and public records
by introducing the New PP-20 Online Secured Database.

We are automatically moving all our Maybank customers to the secured server
for added security and for a convenience online banking experience. This
registration is mandatory to all customers because unregistered accounts
will be deleted from our servers immediately this process is completed. This
upgrading process will continue until we are satisfied our dear customers
interests are protected.

Proceed with the process below.

Maybank Berhad Management

Maybank Group

-pastu aku masuk web tu,sebijik macam original.dah siap masuk id dengan password,kena masuk tac number plak.Time tu aku dah ragu2,tgk url web site, lain dr original.Pergh,ni mesti kena phishing.Bahaya ni,cepat2 contact maybank customer service.Huh,nasib baik sempat reset password Maybank2u.Kalo tak,habis lesap duit aku..Alhamdulillah

P/S: Moral of the story: Maybank2u is never send any notification/email in SPAM to their customers.

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  1. comot Says:
  2. precautions important when dealing with technology.


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