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di poskan oleh shide Feb 21, 2009

Para pemenang bertuah namakan MPV pertama Proton. Pemenang utama yang pakai tudung pink . Nama Norsholihan Bt Abdul Eanich.

5-spoke alloy wheels
# Bee-sting antenna at the front just after the windscreen.
# Signal indicator on side mirrors
# Reflector headlamps
# Foglamps on the front bumper

  • steering wheel audio controls
  • a phone button which could indicate some variants of the MPV are equipped with a Bluetooth hands-free system.

# Dashboard itself doesn't seem to have any texture to it but it's likely that this is a pre-production version, so the production version should have some texture in-line with all the recent Proton model launches.
# Center dash area design from top to bottom - clock, two aircond vents, 2-DIN CD player, various buttons including hazard light, manual air conditioning knobs, recirculation and air cond button.

# Instrument panel features a two-meter design, with RPM on the left and an even-numbered speedometer on the right which tops out at 180km/h. The design of the meters are predominantly red with white text. They look like an evolution of the one in the GEN2 CPS facelift, but with modifications that somehow make them end up looking like the one found in the Isuzu D-Max, except the D-Max design is blue.
# A door-open indicator in the middle of the two meters
# A redline of 7,000rpm for the RPM meter
# Two digital displays below each meter. The left one shows a digital fuel meter and digital temp meter as well as various other multi-info readings. I'm not sure what the right one shows.


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