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Para pemenang bertuah namakan MPV pertama Proton. Pemenang utama yang pakai tudung pink . Nama Norsholihan Bt Abdul Eanich.

5-spoke alloy wheels
# Bee-sting antenna at the front just after the windscreen.
# Signal indicator on side mirrors
# Reflector headlamps
# Foglamps on the front bumper

  • steering wheel audio controls
  • a phone button which could indicate some variants of the MPV are equipped with a Bluetooth hands-free system.

# Dashboard itself doesn't seem to have any texture to it but it's likely that this is a pre-production version, so the production version should have some texture in-line with all the recent Proton model launches.
# Center dash area design from top to bottom - clock, two aircond vents, 2-DIN CD player, various buttons including hazard light, manual air conditioning knobs, recirculation and air cond button.

# Instrument panel features a two-meter design, with RPM on the left and an even-numbered speedometer on the right which tops out at 180km/h. The design of the meters are predominantly red with white text. They look like an evolution of the one in the GEN2 CPS facelift, but with modifications that somehow make them end up looking like the one found in the Isuzu D-Max, except the D-Max design is blue.
# A door-open indicator in the middle of the two meters
# A redline of 7,000rpm for the RPM meter
# Two digital displays below each meter. The left one shows a digital fuel meter and digital temp meter as well as various other multi-info readings. I'm not sure what the right one shows.


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Amazing Facts About The Human Body

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Amazing Facts About The Human Body

Facts 1 - 5

1. The stomach's digestive acids are strong enough to dissolve zinc. Fortunately for us, the cells in the stomach lining renew so quickly that the acids don't have time to dissolve it.

2. The lungs contain over 300,000 million capillaries (tiny blood vessels). If they were laid end to end, they would stretch 2400km (1500 miles).

3. A man's testicles manufacture 10 million new sperm cells each day - enough that he could repopulate the entire planet in only 6 months!

4. Human bone is as strong as granite in supporting weight. A block of bone the size of a matchbox can support 9 tonnes - that is four times as much as concrete can support.

5. Each finger and toenail takes six months to grow from base to tip.

Facts 6 - 10

6. The largest organ in the body is the skin. In an adult man it covers about 1.9m2 (20sq ft). The skin constantly flakes away - in a lifetime each person sheds around 18kg (40 lb) of skin.

7. When you sleep, you grow by about 8mm (0.3in). The next day you shrink back to your former height. The reason is that your cartilage discs are squeezed like sponges by the force of gravity when you stand or sit.

8. The average person in the west eats 50 tonnes of food and drinks 50,000 litres (11,000 gallons) of liquid during his life.

9. Each kidney contains 1 million individual filters. They filter an average of around 1.3 litres (2.2 pints) of blood per minute and expel up to 1.4 litres (2.5 pints) a day of urine.

10. The focusing muscles of the eyes move around 100,000 times a day. To give your leg muscles the same workout, you would need to walk 80km (50 miles) every day.

Facts 11 - 15

11. In 30 minutes, the average body gives off enough heat (combined) to bring a half gallon of water to boil.

12. A single human blood cell takes only 60 seconds to make a complete circuit of the body.

13. A foreskin, the size of a postage stamp, from circumcised babies take only 21 days to grow skin that can cover three (3) basketball courts. Amazing isn't it. Thanks to science. The laboratory-grown skin is used in treating burn patients.

14. The eyes receive approximately 90 percent of all our information, making us basically visual creatures.

15. The female ovaries contain nearly half-a-million egg cells, yet only 400 or so will ever get the opportunity to create a new life.

This is a list of some strange animals throughout the world.

O Aiaiai (the Aye-Aye)

Image Source

The aye-aye lives only in the jungles of Madagascar. It is a strange primate which is active at night. They have black hair on their skin. They feed on wood-boring insects.

Frill-Necked Lizard

Image Source

Frill necked lizard is found in Kimberley region of Western Australia, Southern New Guinea and Northern Australia. This is also known as frilled dragon. The skin of this animal folded back like frills against its head and neck, hence the name.


Image Source

The Blobfish is found in the deep water of Australia and Tasmania. Generally it is found at depths where the pressure is 10 or 20 times higher than at sea level.

Yeti Crab

The official name of Yeti crab is Kiwa hirsuta. It is a crustacean. It was discovered in 2005 in the South Pacific at a depth of 7,200 feet.

Image Source

Yeti crab has numerous silky blond setae which resemble fur. They contain filamentous bacteria and help the creature to detoxify poisonous minerals from the water emitted by the hydrothermal emissions where it lives.

Star-Nosed Mole

Image Source

Star-nosed mole is found in Eastern Canada and the North-Eastern United States. Usually it lives in wet lowland areas and eats aquatic insects and mollusks. It remains active in winter and can tunnel through the snow and swim in ice-covered streams.

Proboscis Monkey

Image Source

The proboscis monkey is also known as long-nosed monkey and prevalent in the South-East Asian island of Borneo. It is a reddish- brown monkey. It is also known as Bangkatan in Indonesian and Monyet Belanda in Malay.

Emperor Tamarin

Image Source

Emperor Tamarin lives in East Peru, North Bolivia and Southwest Amazon Basin. The specialty of this primate is its white moustache that extends to both sides beyond the shoulders. It is grey colored having yellowish speckles on its chest. It feeds on fruits and insects.

Angora rabbit

Angora rabbit is a domestic rabbit. These rabbits were popular in 17th century with French royalty. Then they were spread to other parts of Europe and United States. It is popular for its long, soft and silky fur. At present there are many individual breeds of Angora rabbit such as English, Chinese, French, German, Giant, Satin and Swiss etc.

Pygmy Marmoset

Image Source

The Pygmy Marmoset is a monkey found in Western Brazil, Eastern Peru and Ecuador and South-Eastern Colombia. It is the smallest monkey having a body length of 14-16 cm excluding the tail. It feeds on fruits, leaves, insects and small reptiles.

Dumbo Octopus

Image Source

Grimpoteuthis or Dumbo Octopus lives at extreme depths ranging from 500 to 5,000 m depth in deep sea in Polar Regions. They have two protuberant ear-like fins, hence the name dumbo octopus. They feed on worms, copepods and crustaceans.

Suckerfooted Bat

Image Source

Sucker-footed Bat is found in humid woodlands of Madagascar. It has small suction cups on its wrists and ankles, hence the name.

Image Source

This new species of sucker-footed bat is discovered in Madagascar region. They live only in dry western forests of Madagascar. These animals have sticky suckers on their feet and thumbs.

Both these types of sucker-footed bat are endangered species.

Komondor Dog

Image Source

Komondor dog is a guardian dog. It originally originated from Hungary. It has long, thick coat with heaviest amount of fur. The size of male dogs is 28 inches and that of females is 27 inches. But many dogs are over 30 inches tall. Hence this became the larger common breeds of dog.

A British student became in the 13-year-old father of the youngest in Britain, where the livelihoods of the girl, his girlfriend, which does not exceed the age of 15 years, as newspapers reported Friday 13-2-2009 m.

Patten acknowledged the two did not think that will depend how he and his girlfriend, Chantelle Steadman girl who Osmyaha Messi Roxanne, as it did not receive even "pocket money from parents."

"When my mother learned of the matter, I thought I was in trouble."

The newspaper "The Sun" on the front page a picture of a baby boy who was born in Eastbourne, southern England.

The boy, who appears younger than his age, which does not exceed 122 cm in length, "we wish to retain the fetus, but we were worried about the reaction of others. I did not know how I feel when it will become a father. But I would be a good father of the girl child and Oraaha."

However, he acknowledged, "I did not think the question of costs, and how it Sonfq. So I do not get pocket money regularly. And sometimes my father gives me 10 pounds (11 euros)."

Dennis Patten said (45 years) and father of two that his son is fully committed to the new parental duties.

He said that the boy "might be interested in, and sit in the house to play. But he went to the hospital every day."

Chantelle took the girl child after having sex one time without protection and with two thousand, which has not exceeded the age at the time 12 years, according to the paper.

ONLY in China

Mountain of Waste

The city of Guiyu is home to 5,500 businesses devoted to processing discarded electronics, known as e-waste. According to local websites, the region dismantles 1.5 million pounds of junked computers, cell phones and other devices a year.

The niche industry employs tens of thousands of people, many of them in small, family-run workshops.

The ewaste is mined for the lead, gold, copper and other metals that are found in the circuit boards, wiring, chips and other parts of electronic devices. In this photo, a worker heats a computer board on a steel surface to remove the computer chips soldered into it.

Black Water
Much of the waste from the work, particularly the ash from the burning of coal, is dumped into city's streams and canals, poisoning the wells and groundwater.

Huge Supply
Almost 80% of the discarded electronics come from overseas, including the United States.

Guiyu — and places like it in India and Africa — fluorish because it is far cheaper to break down e-waste there than it is in the developing world, where companies must follow strict guidelines.

According to Guiyu's own website, the e-waste business generates $75 million a year for the town.

Circuit boards, which can contain tiny amounts of gold and silver, are treated with acid baths.

Health reports from the region say that Guiyu's children suffer from an extremely high rate of lead poisoning.

Piled Up
A worker throws a computer casing onto a pile.

Hard Work
According to reports from nearby Shantou University, Guiyu has the highest level of cancer-causing dioxins in the world and an elevated rate of miscarriages.

A worker hauls phone casings on a tricycle. Despite the dangers it presents, the e-waste business in Guiyu continues to thrive.

Eload System- Topup Kredit serendah RM3

Eload System- Topup Kredit serendah RM3

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